Half Sun – The Way of the Warrior

Half-Sun, the Way of the Warrior was written as a personal guide and developed from life lessons learned from my time living and working on the White Mountain Apache reservation.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime, one which will be the most rewarding and challenging adventures that you have ever taken.

As a warrior, your journey is a solo one in which you will commit to a new path, one of personal strength and power that will ultimately lead to a new life.

A new path, the warrior’s path is about to begin. If you are ready, this moment offers you a new journey, one that will change your life forever.

“The half circle represents home and is made in the image of the rising sun. In the center of the home is where life is.”

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Mother Earth Medicine

April is usually a hiking month for me somewhere on this beautiful planet, but not this year as I stay indoors in isolating due to the pandemic, but it makes me appreciate and value nature even more.  Hiking has always been a way for me to feel whole.  Mother earth heals body, mind and spirit.  there is no medicine more powerful than nature.

Today being Earth Day, we celebrate our beautiful planet in isolation. This year is different as we are forced to slow down and reflect on how we impact our world.  With restrictions on materialism and consumerism, many of us are spending time in nature at home, gardening, cooking and observing.

Today I want to celebrate Earth Day with everyone in isolation by challenging you to plant some seeds, hug a tree, take a walk, watch the birds or squirrels and say thank you.

We all live on one planet.  Let’s celebrate it, take care of it and keep it alive.

Beet the Pandemic

As we continue to live our lives in isolation and spring approaches, we may be struggling with projects to keep us busy or occupied in a positive and healthy way.  I love creative projects but miss being outdoors as I find being outside healthy and a huge stress reliever.  Unfortunately the past week has delivered a ton of snow and extreme cold temperatures, so I have been confined indoors.

I like to stay healthy by eating organic fresh vegetables and love the idea of growing a garden but the ground is still frozen.  Yesterday, I grabbed some beets out of the refrigerator and noticed that one was growing!  I put the beet in a jar with some water and placed it in the window.  I then decided to plant the beet outside in a flower pot when the weather was warmer, hoping that I would have some tasty beets later in the summer.

I’m not sure how hardy beets are or if it froze to death outside, but it inspired me to start being creative indoors with foods.  At this time, we have to think outside of the box in creative ways in order to stay healthy and happy.

Beet the pandemic by staying healthy!


Corona Beauty

During this difficult time of the pandemic, we are forced out of our normal everyday routines and habits as life slows down and comes to a standstill.

Like most, I have some good days and some not so good days.  I have become mindful of things that normally I would be in too much of a hurry to see.  Things that in the past, would seem insignificant.

Yesterday on one of my many daily walks, I came across tiny white and blue flowers near the corner of the road.  The flowers were tiny, yet so beautiful and delicate.  I snapped a photo and thought in the midst of all this life changing pandemic, life continues to flourish.  These tiny flowers were there as a reminder, that our lives will continue to grow and be beautiful, although we may not see it yet, hope is still there.

During this time of job losses, health issues, and death, it’s hard to see anything else, so we have to look even harder to see the beauty that already surrounds us.  Yet, if we look, we will see that beautiful things continue to grow, and like the flowers, we too shall grow despite the pain, the losses, and endings.

Although separated, we too, are the beauty and help each other to grow.

Be in peace.


Restless Soul Syndrome

As we are all being forced to change our everyday routines, and daily life habits, and our world becomes smaller, you may start to question the direction or purpose of your life.

Sometimes  we make the decision to change, and other times we are forced to make changes, which can be very painful and difficult.

Now is the time to make those overdue changes and create the life that you want.  In Restless Soul Syndrome, people ask common everyday questions as to what the purpose of their life is.  The answer isn’t as difficult as you think it may be.





Armchair Travel

Dreaming of traveling during the restriction?  I love travel and being restricted at this time during the pandemic is difficult.  All I can do is reminisce about past travel adventures and plan for the future.

Read about self-transformation in some of the world’s most beautiful places.





The Sun Will Shine Again

At first the pandemic didn’t seem real.  I didn’t think that life was going to change to the level that it has.  A week or so later, I see anxiety on people’s faces and hear fear in their voices.  They are not alone as I find myself scared for myself, my family, my community, the country and the planet.

Never has there been a time when the entire entire world has experienced such global impact.  We cannot drive away from it, nor can we fly to another country to escape.  We are limited to being together at the time when we need being together the most.  We struggle to find food and supplies.

For me, as my world becomes smaller and smaller, I have been forced to go within, something I am often to busy to do, or simply avoid.  Now I find going within an essential part of my daily routine as my previous life no longer exists.  I no longer go out for coffee or lunch and running errands has come to a bare minim as I am restricted to my home.  Although keeping busy has always been a good distraction, now I am forced to find peace and solace in prayer and meditation.

I also know that like everything in life, this too will pass and the sun will continue to shine.  In the meantime, we need to dance through the storm, whether it is with others or alone.

You, me, us, we will all get through together.  The storm clouds will pass and the sun will shine again, just dance through the storm, dance through the storm, dance through the storm….

Killer Cabbage

Today I wanted to make some homemade cabbage soup and got in the car to go to the local grocery store, but then paused.  I sat in the car thinking, was it worth getting a cabbage to possibly get coronavirus and die?  The answer wasn’t as easy as you would think.  At first I thought, yes, I’m fine, I’m not going to catch anything, then I thought about, what if?

What if I came into contact with someone who was ill and I picked up the potentially deadly virus?  I struggled with the decision and then got upset.  I only wanted to make soup, nothing out of the ordinary, not go ski-diving or jump off a bridge, things that are considered risky.  I just wanted to make some healthy tasty soup, yet now the message I was hearing on the news was that a trip to the grocery store to get a cabbage could possibly kill me….

How to live life in uncertain and unpredictable times?  Not an easy thing to do.  I am following the CDC’s guidelines and trying to avoid large groups of people and staying at home for the most part, but sometime’s it’s not easy.  I turned the engine off and got out of my car.  I did not get the cabbage and sulked into my house, without a cabbage, feeling disappointed.

I also talked to my son down south yesterday.  He informed me that he didn’t have any toilet paper.  I finished our phone call and later thought, I didn’t ask him if he needed any toilet paper.  So I called back and asked him a question I thought I would never ask.  “Can I send you some toilet paper?”

As we all continue to adjust to the shortages and to isolation, we need to be responsible and take care of ourselves the best we can.  Life is not easy, but somehow we will all get through this together and rebuild our lives, our countries, and our economies.  Life will go on.

In the meantime, I go without cabbage soup and my son goes without toilet paper, yet we survive!


How is isolating good for us?  For those of us who like to be social, isolation may be a welcome change in the beginning, but after a few days it may become difficult.

As our world continues to shut down over the days and weeks following the coronavirus, we all have to adjust to what is.

I work remotely, and find getting out during my days a necessary part of feeling healthy and connected, yet life is presenting with limitations as I try to adjust to a smaller world.  At first I found the changes uncomfortable, especially when I walked into my favorite cafe to write and found most of the tables had disappeared.  I then heard how limiting people into the cafe would help reduce the spread of germs.  After my initial disappointment, I realized I would have to resign to being at home more.

I now focus on how I can be productive and happy being isolated to such a small home and community.  Luckily for me, I love being creative.  I will make the most out of my time by writing, painting, cooking and doing all those things that I often complain I don’t have time for.

For me, its the initial adjustment of being alone more and being restricted from some of my favorite places, but I know this won’t last forever.  I also know that using this time to make long needed personal changes is what I need to do at this time.  Although I am blessed to have a wonderful husband to share my shrinking world with, those of you who don’t have a spouse or partner and find yourself alone, try to use this time to do what you have put off or have wanted to do for years.  Clean the house, take a hike, play with your pet, read a book, play drums, cook a favorite meal, learn to knit or dance like crazy!

Being alone and going within is a healthy and necessary part of personal growth.  Keeping everyone safe is necessary in a changing world, but it doesn’t mean isolation has to be bad.  Make the most out of it!  It won’t last forever.


To Travel or Not to Travel?

With all the travel hype going on at the moment and facing another domestic trip out west, I can’t help but think, should I, or shouldn’t I travel.  With an upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon, open space, fresh air and a minimal amount of people, I wonder if it’s safe to go or not to go.  My body craves the exercise it needs through hiking, and my soul seeks the adventure that springtime brings after being locked up in a small house all winter.

So the decision remains, do I travel or not travel with all the media hype about the corona virus.  At this time domestic travel is still considered safe and millions of people are flying at this very moment.  Is it safe to fly?  Who knows, but I do know that life has no guarantees either way.  You can stay in your own small town and be the victim of crime or catch an illness, or you can catch it abroad.

How do you know what to do?  Being safe and responsible is the main thing.  I recently went to a local health spa where I ended up catching the flu and was sick for three weeks.  Life is ironic.  What I do know is that life calls us at different times in our lives to make difficult decisions, some more difficult than others.

Every spring I take a hiking trip somewhere remote and beautiful.  I feel alive again after the long hard Midwest winter and it marks the shifting of stagnation in both body and mind.

The recent news hype and fears about the corna virus reminded me of several trips that I took in the past in which I overcame fears and challenges in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Nomadic Tales of a Traveling Counselor shares many of my experiences in Costa Rica, Havasu Falls, Tolantongo Mexico, the Grand Canyon, including several other incredible places around the globe.

For me, life is about travel and adventure and sharing it with others is what it is all about.  We get out of our daily routines, our ruts, and our negative life patterns.  We breathe new air, smell new aromas, and connect to the land and people in healing ways.

To go or not to go?  Life waits for no one.