A Time for Renewal

Easter is about new life, renewal and rebirth.

What can you say goodbye to, what can you release or what no longer serves you?

Use this time to renew your body, your mind and spirit. Getting out of old routines that prevent you from being the best you can be is essential as we move forward in spring. Take one step today to make tomorrow better.

Physical Needs:

Take a walk, a hike, go biking and explore. Do something active that makes your body stronger.

Emotional Needs:

Release the past, forgive someone who has hurt you, and stop being hard on yourself.

Spiritual Needs:

Listen to the sound of the wind, say a prayer, meditate. Connect to god or spirit.

Easter is a powerful day to begin anew. Take one step to make your life better.

How to Stay Happy and Healthy

I don’t know about you, but somedays I feel like I have been living off grid for the past year as the pandemic continues to rage across the nation. Staying in isolation, lack of social contacts and loss of travel have all taken a toll.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the weather takes a horrible turn with over 10 days of below zero temperatures that stops me from taking my daily walks outside, one of the few things that I can still do to release the stress and tension of being pent up in isolation.

After releasing some frustration and surrendering to the fact that I am trapped indoors, I had to change my focus on how I could stay healthy and happy. For me, being outside in nature, walking on the ground, breathing in fresh air and seeing plants and wildlife, makes me feel alive, healthy, and happy. With the lack of what makes me feel well, I had to focus on new things that could also bring me a sense of healing. I quickly discovered that although I deeply missed being outdoors, that I could bring nature into my life in different ways. So I began a personal journey of how to stay healthy and happy while being confined indoors, which includes the following:

Bring nature into your house by filling your home with green plants and flowers.

Soak your feet in epsom salt. Add essential oils such as Juniper or Bergamot to get that connection with the earth.

Turn your bathroom into a personal spa. Take a warm shower using salt scrubs that are fused with essential oils. Turn on some relaxing music that helps you unwind.

Cook earthy grounding foods by using organic root vegetables. Make a healthy soup or stew.

Burn sage in your home. The combination of the sage and smoke not only clears your home’s energy, but also brings in the element of fire on cold wintery days.

Open the curtains and stand in the sunshine. We all need light to survive. The sun is a natural mood lifter for those of us stuck in the north or on dark winter days.

Light some candles as they create a feeling of warmth, spiritual connection and peace.

Nothing lasts forever. Although it feels as if the pandemic has lasted for an eternity, sometimes with little to no end in sight, the pandemic will eventually end and life will resume. Until then, I do my best to survive a cold and brutal winter and continue to connect with nature the best way that I can so that I stay healthy and happy. And you can too!

How to Add More Laughter into 2021

There hasn’t been a lot to laugh about in 2020. With news of increasing COVID cases expected to rise after holiday celebrations, it may leave us feeling frustrated as we continue to isolate and socially distance. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t set goals to laugh more in 2021. On the contrary, we need to make the decision to bring more laughter into our lives.

Laughter therapy may sound extreme to some, but may be necessary after a long period of ongoing stress, illness, or moving into year two of pandemic fear. Most of us need more laughter after 2020 and one way to bring more happiness into our lives is through laughter therapy.

Through a series of simple, yet fun activities, turn false laughter into real laughter and before you know it, you will genuinely be laughing like crazy!

Join me if you want to learn new ways of alleviating stress and anxiety and how to bring more laughter and happiness into your life. I not only offer traditional talk therapy, but several alternative methods of healing and feeling better.

No matter what our life circumstances are, we can always add a bit of laughter. It doesn’t change or fix our problems, but it allows us time to heal and alleviates the stressors of life in a way that helps us to feel better. And you deserve that.

How to Survive a COVID Christmas

Holidays are a source of celebration for many, but this year due to the pandemic, we may struggle due to having to social distance and be separated from family members .

So how do you celebrate a Covid Christmas? Instead of focusing on who you can’t see for the holidays, think about who is already there with you. Celebrate the people that you see every day in your life. People often focus on who they miss or haven’t seen, yet the people that we take for granted need to feel valued and appreciated. If they were not in our lives, we would miss them too.

During this Covid Christmas, instead of focusing on loss, which you may have in the areas of jobs or career, loss of income, or lack of social interactions with friends and family connections, focus on what and who you currently have in your life. If you are in a relationship, celebrate that special person. Celebrate your kids, your friends, your cat, dog or other pet. Even if you find yourself alone, celebrate those who make a difference in your life and make plans to make new friends in the new year.

This Christmas will most likely be different for many of us, but it doesn’t have to be bad. Do something new this year to celebrate your life or even to celebrate the end of a difficult year, and remember that we are all truly going through this together, but in different ways.

This year start a new holiday tradition. It can be something simple such as making handmade Christmas ornaments, sharing stories with family members in person or via zoom, or taking a holiday hike through the forest or city streets. It doesn’t matter what you do, but make it something special that you enjoy.

Life has been a challenge, but through the adversities and loss, there are also blessings and gains. Take the time to acknowledge them and to celebrate them.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Somewhere in the Sky

Somewhere in the Sky adventures are waiting to take flight. Through a compilation of everyday travel, food foraging, and stories about human nature, learn to incorporate gratitude, laughter, hope and inspiration into your own life.

Read inspirational stories and guidance to inspire, motivate and encourage you to follow and embark upon your own everyday adventures to a healthier and happier life.

How to Practice Self-Care

There are many ways to take care of yourself, but it’s easy to forget to practice self-care. Sometimes we simply have to give ourselves permission to nurture ourselves. One of my favorite ways to release stress and tension and to feel grounded is to practice Qiqong.

Qiqong is an ancient Chinese practice, using life force or breath (Qi) combined with (Gong) gathering and movement. Together when you move the breath and body, you come to a place of stillness and peace.

There are thousands of variations of Qigong styles so it’s best to find one that resonates with you. Some practices have very slow repetitive movements and others have a vigorous or active style. Qiqong like any self-care practice is personable, so if you try one and don’t like it, try another!

Children, teens and adults all benefit from Qiqong. It’s a healthy and fun way to eliminate stress and to to keep the body in motion. Because practices are so individually different and unique, it’s easy to pull up YouTube and try a variety of different approaches. You may find that you have found a new way to practice self-care!

Below are two of my favorite Qiqong practice styles:

Become Your Own Fitness Warrior

2020 proved to be a difficult year in many ways as our lives have changed and shifted due to the global pandemic. There are many things out of our control, but what we can control is our personal level of fitness in the areas of health, intellectual, and spiritual direction.

I have heard from many people that emotional eating has become a norm due to anxiety and inability to lead a “normal” life, resulting in excessive weight gain and other unwanted side effects, so together Tim and I created our latest book in the Warrior Series, Fitness Warrior: The Everyday Summit, that guides the reader through personal reasons for self-sabotage and personal goal setting in the areas of weight loss and fitness, intellectual sharpness, emotional maturity and spiritual well-being.

With the end of the year approaching, now is the perfect time to take control of your life and become the best fitness warrior you can be!

Half Sun – The Way of the Warrior

Half-Sun, the Way of the Warrior was written as a personal guide and developed from life lessons learned from my time living and working on the White Mountain Apache reservation.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime, one which will be the most rewarding and challenging adventures that you have ever taken.

As a warrior, your journey is a solo one in which you will commit to a new path, one of personal strength and power that will ultimately lead to a new life.

A new path, the warrior’s path is about to begin. If you are ready, this moment offers you a new journey, one that will change your life forever.

“The half circle represents home and is made in the image of the rising sun. In the center of the home is where life is.”

Available on Amazon and Kindle


Mother Earth Medicine

April is usually a hiking month for me somewhere on this beautiful planet, but not this year as I stay indoors in isolating due to the pandemic, but it makes me appreciate and value nature even more.  Hiking has always been a way for me to feel whole.  Mother earth heals body, mind and spirit.  there is no medicine more powerful than nature.

Today being Earth Day, we celebrate our beautiful planet in isolation. This year is different as we are forced to slow down and reflect on how we impact our world.  With restrictions on materialism and consumerism, many of us are spending time in nature at home, gardening, cooking and observing.

Today I want to celebrate Earth Day with everyone in isolation by challenging you to plant some seeds, hug a tree, take a walk, watch the birds or squirrels and say thank you.

We all live on one planet.  Let’s celebrate it, take care of it and keep it alive.

Beet the Pandemic

As we continue to live our lives in isolation and spring approaches, we may be struggling with projects to keep us busy or occupied in a positive and healthy way.  I love creative projects but miss being outdoors as I find being outside healthy and a huge stress reliever.  Unfortunately the past week has delivered a ton of snow and extreme cold temperatures, so I have been confined indoors.

I like to stay healthy by eating organic fresh vegetables and love the idea of growing a garden but the ground is still frozen.  Yesterday, I grabbed some beets out of the refrigerator and noticed that one was growing!  I put the beet in a jar with some water and placed it in the window.  I then decided to plant the beet outside in a flower pot when the weather was warmer, hoping that I would have some tasty beets later in the summer.

I’m not sure how hardy beets are or if it froze to death outside, but it inspired me to start being creative indoors with foods.  At this time, we have to think outside of the box in creative ways in order to stay healthy and happy.

Beet the pandemic by staying healthy!