Everyday I Love You

Telling people we love them isn’t always easy when we get angry or upset with them.  Sometimes in life we are not given a second chance to forgive but have to live with unspoken words.

Tell someone today that you love them.  Today is all we have.

I love you!

Tiny Living for Two

Having left a large 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in the mountains of Arizona, I ended up in a tiny two bedroom, one bathroom home in Wisconsin.  I was forced to downsize my belongings considerably, which was both liberating and difficult as some cherished items had to go.

I then met my husband and he moved in with me, and together we began tiny living for two. We learned how to navigate around the tiny kitchen and share a single tiny closet.

Not having enough storage space is a challenge and it forces us to get rid of things we don’t necessary need, but it also helps us to focus on what is important in our lives, spending quality time together, creating and doing outdoor activities and traveling.

Tiny living isn’t for everyone, but for us, its been a fun adventure!

Compatible Cuisine

Vegans  vs Carnivores

What do you do when you are a vegan and fall in love with a carnivore?  It may seem like a big problem or issue but actually when there are food differences or if one person struggles with food allergies, its not difficult to make some simple adjustments to meal preparation to make tasty meals that everyone can enjoy.

I chose a vegan diet years ago due to developing a severe dairy allergy.  I had given up eating meat years ago.  A few months ago, I married a carnivore and although we both respect each other’s food differences, we had to figure out a solution to meal time.  A simple solution was to create meals that we both could eat by substituting plant based meats and meat proteins.

The research is varied and complex on plant food diets vs meat eaters.  For me, I have witnessed powerful changes in the areas of plant based diets in physical and mental health.  In the case of my husband and others, research supports the benefit of eating meat.  Regardless of what your preferences, sharing meals with friends and loved ones should be a fun and flavorful adventure.

One of my favorite plant based meat substitutes is Beyond Burger, high in pea protein, filling and really tasty!

The above picture of Navajo Nachos was a creative recipe that included a mixture of ground beef for my husband and protein crumbles for me.  Together we enjoyed a tasty flavorful meal!

Dietary differences don’t have to be a problem!  Explore the numerous food options out there and be creative!


When Pets Turn

I have had my cat Lucky for over eight years now.  My son rescued him from near death and I felt it was fate so I adopted him.  Everyone said he was “lucky” to be alive, so “Lucky” became his name.

Lucky and I have been through a lot together.  He has been my companion throughout the years and has loved me unconditionally.  We have traveled around the country together, from the Midwest to southern Florida, then out west to Arizona.  Lucky has been a trouper.

I recently got married and felt guilty that I wasn’t spending as much time with Lucky as I used to.  I also struggled when I had to leave him alone when I went away for days at a time.  After returning from a recent business trip, I was excited to rush home to see him.  We were always big on hellos with lots cuddles and kisses, so when I opened the door and called his name, he came running… not to me, but instead to my husband.  I was speechless.  I had been betrayed.  My cat appeared to be happier seeing my husband of one month than he was to see me.

Oh well, I think in the pet world, we give love, we get love, and sometimes we get replaced…

I still love you Lucky.