Raw Good Vibes

On a recent trip to Florida for a Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop, I fell in love with Good Vibes Juice Co.  Each morning I would wake up and head to the juice bar where I would pick out one or two raw organic juices and sit in the sunshine outside the shop, and soak up both nutrients and sun-rays.

One of my favorite juices is, “Shark Bite”, a combination of carrot, beet, pineapple and ginger, an earthy grounding blend.  Another favorite was  “Riptide”, a mix of coconut water, lime juice and blue majik (freshwater algae).  One of the most potent shots I had was, “Ginger XL”, a powerful double dose of ginger and cayenne pepper.  Strong enough to blow your head off!

Sadly after a few days, I had to leave the sunshine state and head back to the dreary midwest winter.  I decided that juicing was going to be a part of my new life, along with drumming.  I knew that the raw juices were good for my body, and that drumming was good for my soul.  A perfect blend of health and happiness.

I brought back a couple of empty Good Vibes juice bottles and now I am making my own mixes.  The first juice I made was a combination of turmeric, apple cider vinegar, orange juice and chia seeds.  Although not the same as Good Vibes Juice Co., it was satisfying, and fulfilled my need to keep up with a healthy daily routine and reminding me of my mornings in the sun.

A little bit of juicing and a little bit of drumming, a perfect start to any day.



Mushroom Mania

At the local farmer’s market, I found a vendor who sells a huge variety of mushrooms.  Up until recently, I was not a connoisseur.  Then I got introduced the wild wonderful world of mushrooms and since then I have been experimenting with a variety of them.

My husband is an excellent chef and one of our first dates involved hunting for morel mushrooms. We immediately found a couple growing in the forest, which he later sauteed in garlic and oil.  That was the beginning of a love affair with both my husband and the mushrooms.

Over the weekend, I went in search of the mushroom man and was excited to see that not only did he have lion’s mane mushrooms, a new favorite of mine, but he had vibrant orange chanterelles.  I excitedly showed my husband the new find and together we cooked up a feast.

My everyday adventures now include mushrooms adventures.  Life is full of surprises…and mushrooms.