Social Distancing Humor

Fart the wiener dog practices social distancing.

With all the seriousness, and yes, it is serious, laughter is a way of relieving stress and helping to alleviate anxiety and fear.

The Fart of the Day was developed as a humorous take on my book, Barf and Fart, a funny and stinky adventure about an odd character, Barf, and his farting wiener dog, named Fart.

Helping Kids through the Pandemic

Pinkerton’s Pandemic was written to help children deal with anxiety and fear during the global COVID 19 pandemic, that affected people worldwide and changed many lives forever.

Through the use of storytelling and humor, Pinkerton’s Pandemic is about a cat who had to adjust to his human parents being home every day, creating chaos in his normal routine and how he ultimately learned how to cope living with his nutty family as life resumed.

Available on Amazon, Tomorrow River Publishing and Kindle


Smelly Humor

Not just for kids!  Guaranteed to take you on a humorous and smelly adventure when you need it the most. One of my latest books about an odd stinky character and his wiener dog, Fart.  Together they burn down a pier on the ocean with their BBQ grill, go hiking in Wales, sell old boots at the Antiques Road Show and fart at the funfair.

Warning:  Read at your own risk and wear protective nose covering.


Wacky Earth Adventures!

Introducing my newest book, Gino Jupiter’s Earth Adventures.  A humorous sequel to The Adventures of Gino Jupiter.  The crazy space team crash land at Ikea in London, get addicted to chocolate in France, fart in Libya, meditate with monks in Tibet and detonate a smelly gas bomb in Israel.  A whimsical, fun adventure crossing into adult humor and universal travel!

Available at Tomorrow River Publishing and Amazon.

Bowel Blasting Sprouts

At the end of the year, the farmer’s market offers a lot of great seasonal foods.  This weekend I left with a bagful of Brussels sprouts.  Not only are they nutritious and tasty, but they are one of the top foods that make you poop!