The Art of Zenful Play

I love the combination of mindful/mindless activities with the mix of strategic fun.  Is it possible to have both?  Yes it is! Tim and I continue creating new games and Zencala is one of our newest creations.  We custom make board games, which are made out of solid oak or poplar wood.  Choose your colors and prepare to have hours of zenful fun as there are over 100 ways to play!



Zencala Master

Become the master of strategy.

We have successfully combined our love for creating with the fun of playing!  Together Tim and I have created Zencala, an ancient game, but with a new twist, and over 100 ways to play.

If you enjoy a challenge and want to master the ancient game, check out Zencala.  It can be personally custom made.

Thanks to all you Turkeys!

A special thank you to all my blog followers this year.  I am truly grateful for each and everyone one of you.

As you know I write about a lot of different topics, travel, food, relationships, adventures, publishing, self-help, etc, but I would love to hear what specific topics you would like to read more about or what other interests you have in the new year.

Please comment and tell me what you would like to see more of!

Happy Thanksgiving

This stickers is from the 1970s.  Remember when everyone was called a “Turkey”? LOL

Dr. Davenport’s Dirty Couch

Don’t end up on Dr. Dick Davenport’s dirty couch!

We just launched a new game! Dr. Davenport’s Dirty Dice game is a great Christmas gift that will bring hours of fun for friends or family members!

Available on Tomorrow River Games, Amazon and Kickstarter