Are you Following your Creative Passions?

Creating is my passion, whether its through food, art, writing, or creating new games!  We recently launched one of our new dice games on Kickstarter.  Also available on Tomorrow River Games.

I would love to hear what your creative passions are.  Another passion of mine is helping people to follow their own creativity and talents.



Do you Search for Purpose and Meaning?

One of my newest books explores people’s search for purpose and meaning in their lives through individual therapy sessions.  You are not alone in your search.

Restless Soul Syndrome is now available on Amazon, Tomorrow River Publishing and Kindle.


Barf & Fart

Barf and Fart is a humorous adventure into the wacky world of a dirty, obnoxious character named Barf and his stinky wiener dog Fart.

Together they cause all sorts of mayhem on their everyday journeys to the local market, nearby beach, and shopping center.

Fart’s bowel problems get them thrown out of public places,while Bart’s bad manners cause people to runaway in horror. Together the odd team will keep you laughing, especially if don’t mind stinky stories that end up with someone getting sick.

Available on Amazon, Kindle and Tomorrow River Publishing! I had so much fun writing this one!


Wacky Earth Adventures!

Introducing my newest book, Gino Jupiter’s Earth Adventures.  A humorous sequel to The Adventures of Gino Jupiter.  The crazy space team crash land at Ikea in London, get addicted to chocolate in France, fart in Libya, meditate with monks in Tibet and detonate a smelly gas bomb in Israel.  A whimsical, fun adventure crossing into adult humor and universal travel!

Available at Tomorrow River Publishing and Amazon.

Restless Soul Syndrome

Enter the world of psychotherapy and the search for purpose and meaning. Through individualized therapy sessions, explore common everyday struggles with career, life changes, relationship conflicts, grief and loss.

Introducing my new book, “Restless Soul Syndrome“, a journey in search of health, happiness and reasons to live.

Available at Amazon, Kindle and Tomorrow River Publishing


Happiness Cake!

My newest edition of Happiness Cake! is available on Tomorrow River Publishing, Amazon and Kindle!  A fun coffee table book.

When life gets tough, treat yourself to a slice of inner happiness.  This book is a compilation of original artwork, inspirational and motivational messages to help you get through the day.

$1.00 off if purchased on Tomorrow River Publishing between September 20-27, 2019.

Released on Amazon today!

300 pages of Aliens, laughing gas, terrorizing toilet paper, and a gang of underpants!

The Adventures of Gino Jupiter is a whimsical journey through outer space involving a rather stern no-nonsense Captain, Gino Jupiter, and his fickle co-pilot, Mr. Scratch, a tall skinny, eccentric space cat. Together they travel to the moons of Jupiter, encountering all sorts of strange and odd mishaps along their way. Gino Jupiter is Captain with both a goatee and a mission, while his companion, Mr. Scratch, does everything he can to annoy his demanding Captain.Together the space team encounter, aliens, laughing gas, terrorizing toilet paper, and a gang of underpants, on their adventures to Jupiter’s moons.

And at Tomorrow River Publishing: