Oxygen 02 Bar

On a recent trip to Phoenix I joined another fellow explorer and together we ventured into the world of alternative health and wellness.

We unexpectedly found ourselves standing in front of an oxygen bar. Having driven to Phoenix, a trip of almost 200 miles down the mountains at an elevation drop of over 5000 feet in altitude, and still struggling to acclimate to the region, I thought the oxygen bar would provide me with an added boost. Once inside, it was explained that oxygen aids in good health by boosting energy levels, increasing endurance, reduces stress and toxins as well as increasing concentration and focus.

Natural scents are added to the oxygen such as lavender and eucalyptus to enhance the experience and to create a feeling of relaxation or as an energy boost.  The scents are extracted from essential oils.

Sessions are priced depending on the amount of time selected. I was offered a special for $25., which included a hydro massage. I laid down face first fully clothed on a hydro massage table as jets of water sprayed up and down my back from my neck to my feet. The water pressure could be controlled for personal preference from mild to firm.  I ended the session with the oxygen bar, which left me feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.

Feeling sluggish?  Head for your nearest 02 bar for a quick and natural boost.


Chicken Therapy

Not Just for Your Dinner Plate!

I was familiar with Equine Therapy with horses but had not heard of Chicken Therapy until I met a woman who has eleven pet chickens.  The chickens are a variety of colors and breeds and all have their own individual pet names.  According to Heidi, the owner, she said that the chickens have distinct personalities and similar to people, have their own pecking order. Some chickens get bullied, while others are more dominant and take the lead role, others are curious, some are playful or adventurous, but all chickens are uniquely different.

Having experienced a stressful weekend, I asked if I could hold one of the chickens, and was handed a beautiful soft golden brown bird.  As I held the feathery clucking chicken in my arms, I felt an immediate sense of peace and calm, which lead to a conversation about how the chickens, like therapy horses, or other therapy animals, are helpful for a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and dementia.  Chicken Therapy is not commonly known, but it exists, and research confirms that chickens make great therapy animals.

We love our pets because they make us feel better on rough days, they sit on our laps, lick our faces and cuddle with us when we feel sad.  They calm us down when we feel angry and give us unconditional love.  There is no question that animals are healing and therapeutic both emotionally and physically.

Next time you’re having a rough day, feeling, sad, anxious or frustrated, try some Chicken Therapy!