Airport Herbs

Passing through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a busy hub full of florescent lighting and stressed out people, I found a green sustainable garden growing among all the chaos and environmental pollutants.

The Rotunda Tower Garden won the Design and Construction Award for its indoor aeroponic garden that grows edible plants and herbs.  The plants are then used in the restaurants within the airport.  The material used to build the tower are made from local recyclable structural steel, glass partitions, security doors, electrical panels and furniture.

This live green environmentally friendly garden was a fresh and tasty stopover, providing me with a healthy sense of relief that even in urban USA, a plot of sustainable garden can still be found.


Solo Traveling for Your Soul


me beach

Traveling Solo

Have you ever tried going solo?  It’s a great experience that everyone should do at some point in their lifetime.  Traveling solo allows you the chance to get to know yourself better in several different ways.  Sometimes traveling alone can be a challenge, but more often, it is a wonderful experience that can open up your life in ways that you could never imagine.  I often take trips alone, meeting new and interesting people, exploring beautiful natural places and most of all, traveling solo allows my soul the chance to grow.

Solo spiritual traveling…. your soul needs it.