Mother Earth Medicine

April is usually a hiking month for me somewhere on this beautiful planet, but not this year as I stay indoors in isolating due to the pandemic, but it makes me appreciate and value nature even more.  Hiking has always been a way for me to feel whole.  Mother earth heals body, mind and spirit.  there is no medicine more powerful than nature.

Today being Earth Day, we celebrate our beautiful planet in isolation. This year is different as we are forced to slow down and reflect on how we impact our world.  With restrictions on materialism and consumerism, many of us are spending time in nature at home, gardening, cooking and observing.

Today I want to celebrate Earth Day with everyone in isolation by challenging you to plant some seeds, hug a tree, take a walk, watch the birds or squirrels and say thank you.

We all live on one planet.  Let’s celebrate it, take care of it and keep it alive.

Costa Rican Kitchen

During a past trip to Costa Rica, I was invited into one of the local’s home for a traditional Costa Rican meal.

I was surprised at how simple yet efficient the kitchen was and loved the wood burning stove.  The entire house had no windows and was totally open and exposed to outside elements.

I was served a wonderful Costa Rican meal of rice and beans by gracious hosts who spoke limited English.  The experience was unlike any other that I have had on my travels, and it later inspired me to expand my cooking skills.

During this time of the pandemic, being stuck at home for longer periods of time, I am again exploring new foods and new recipes.  It’s the perfect time to be creative in the kitchen, cooking foods from the past as well as new recipes from other places around the world.

Although our physical travel may be limited at this time, we can still travel through our cuisine and experience the spices and flavors of other countries in our own homes.

Beet the Pandemic

As we continue to live our lives in isolation and spring approaches, we may be struggling with projects to keep us busy or occupied in a positive and healthy way.  I love creative projects but miss being outdoors as I find being outside healthy and a huge stress reliever.  Unfortunately the past week has delivered a ton of snow and extreme cold temperatures, so I have been confined indoors.

I like to stay healthy by eating organic fresh vegetables and love the idea of growing a garden but the ground is still frozen.  Yesterday, I grabbed some beets out of the refrigerator and noticed that one was growing!  I put the beet in a jar with some water and placed it in the window.  I then decided to plant the beet outside in a flower pot when the weather was warmer, hoping that I would have some tasty beets later in the summer.

I’m not sure how hardy beets are or if it froze to death outside, but it inspired me to start being creative indoors with foods.  At this time, we have to think outside of the box in creative ways in order to stay healthy and happy.

Beet the pandemic by staying healthy!


Corona Beauty

During this difficult time of the pandemic, we are forced out of our normal everyday routines and habits as life slows down and comes to a standstill.

Like most, I have some good days and some not so good days.  I have become mindful of things that normally I would be in too much of a hurry to see.  Things that in the past, would seem insignificant.

Yesterday on one of my many daily walks, I came across tiny white and blue flowers near the corner of the road.  The flowers were tiny, yet so beautiful and delicate.  I snapped a photo and thought in the midst of all this life changing pandemic, life continues to flourish.  These tiny flowers were there as a reminder, that our lives will continue to grow and be beautiful, although we may not see it yet, hope is still there.

During this time of job losses, health issues, and death, it’s hard to see anything else, so we have to look even harder to see the beauty that already surrounds us.  Yet, if we look, we will see that beautiful things continue to grow, and like the flowers, we too shall grow despite the pain, the losses, and endings.

Although separated, we too, are the beauty and help each other to grow.

Be in peace.


Social Distancing Humor

Fart the wiener dog practices social distancing.

With all the seriousness, and yes, it is serious, laughter is a way of relieving stress and helping to alleviate anxiety and fear.

The Fart of the Day was developed as a humorous take on my book, Barf and Fart, a funny and stinky adventure about an odd character, Barf, and his farting wiener dog, named Fart.

Helping Kids through the Pandemic

Pinkerton’s Pandemic was written to help children deal with anxiety and fear during the global COVID 19 pandemic, that affected people worldwide and changed many lives forever.

Through the use of storytelling and humor, Pinkerton’s Pandemic is about a cat who had to adjust to his human parents being home every day, creating chaos in his normal routine and how he ultimately learned how to cope living with his nutty family as life resumed.

Available on Amazon, Tomorrow River Publishing and Kindle


Still Water

Breathing in, I see myself as

still water, a calm, clear lake

in and around me

Breathing out, I reflect things

just as they are,

inside and around me

A Handful of Quiet “Thich Nhat Hanh”