Artist Statement

Artwork by

Karolee Bulak


Artist Statement

I received my BA Honors Degree in Mixed Media Art from the University of Westminster in London, England.  There I had many gallery exhibitions during the 12 years that I lived there.  I now continue my passion the arts, and for recycled artwork.  I often paint over paintings or use canvases that I find discarded or left in dumpsters giving them new life, scraping away paint and debris from the past, symbolic of life, bringing change, endings, and new beginnings.

My artwork is a combination of whimsical and abstract in nature.  I find my inspiration in people and nature, often using colors and shapes found in organic form.  People have always inspired me.  I love creating whimsy characters for cartoons and for my own book illustrations, as well as creating abstract paintings, capturing color, moods and emotions.  I often combine art and psychology together, taking a journey of through creative expression and art therapy.

As an Artist and Licensed Professional Counselor, I facilitate creative expression and art therapy workshops, as a creative and powerful way to explore yourself and the world around you.

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