Exploring Zanskar

Meet world-renowned Stanzin Nyibum. His passion for guiding tourists on adventure expeditions in and around beautiful Zanskar, a region in Ladakh, northwest India that is famous for its beautiful remote scenery and Buddhist monasteries, is second to none.

At an elevation of height of 13,154 ft, Zanskar Valley is a semi-arid region nestled in the Himalayas. People are drawn to the majestic snow-capped mountains, sparkling rivers and lush landscape. Close to China and Pakistan, it only takes a one hour flight from Delhi to get there, or for the more adventurous, you can arrive by helicopter.

If you are like me, and love to travel off the beaten path, remote places like Zanskar is truly a hidden gem. Stanzin, an experienced guide who takes care of your every need, creates a memorable adventure whether hiking, biking or on wildlife expeditions.

Zanskar attracts thousands of adventure lovers every year.  Some of the highest mountain passes are in Zanskar and requires trekking knowledge and experienced guides, like Stanzin.

In 2022, Zanskar Winter Sports Youth Festival will be held from January to March offering a variety of fun filled sporting events.

Explore the unique village of Padum and meet friendly locals.

Zanskar is not for your average tourist, but for those of us who have a wondering spirit, and a passion for adventure.

For more information contact: zanskar4travel@gmail.com