How to Create a New Kind of Happy in 2021

This last year has been a difficult challenge for many, including myself as we have all had to adjust to our world shutting down in the face of the pandemic, political unrest, and for many the loss of jobs, health issues and reduced social outings.

Being stuck at home and spending our days together, Tim and I knew we had to create a new kind of happy to survive not only the dark dreary winter, but also the ongoing and persistent pandemic. So we went on a personal pursuit of happiness, which resulted in our latest book, A Mindful Kind of Happy.

Not only did we discover new ways of having fun, but we had fun trying to have fun!

Although these are challenging times, there are also blessings to be found. Tim and I have had to learn how to have fun in a world without social outings, family reunions, vacation time or travel. It may sound difficult, and at first it was, but then we realized that all we had to do was to be mindful of what we already have.