A Life Restricted

For those of us who live in northern climates, the transition into a lengthy cold and dark period may be especially difficult as the pandemic continues to spread and increase in numbers across the nation.

So how do we survive a life that feels more restricted than ever? Making the transition may not be easy, but this is the time in our lives when we can stop running, wasting our time on meaningless activities, fix what is broken and release what no longer serves us.

As humans, life is not perfect, and sometimes during changes and extremely hard transitions, there are gifts in the darkness, like diamonds in the raw, waiting for us to find them.

I challenge you during these times to re-invent yourself, re-discover your passions, and let go of who or what no longer serves you. Use this time to make the most out of your life. Each day offers a new beginning. As life continues to feel restrictive, use it as an opportunity to let your authentic self shine.

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