Is Your Pet an Old Crank?

We all love cats and dogs.  I have a rescue cat named Lucky that I have had for 11 years.  The vet thought at the time of rescue that he was about 4 years old, so that makes him around 15.  He has traveled with me around the country and has lived in the forest, desert, ocean and mountains.  He has provided me with hours of entertainment and comfort.

With aging pets, there comes some challenges.  Luckily for me, Lucky, has not had any serious health issues, but I’ve notice his behavior changes from time to time and that he sometimes misses a step when he runs up the stairs.  He also tries to get in my face when he wants a cat treat and gets annoyed when I wake him up.

Pets are like people in that they need more sleep and become more cranky in their daily routines.  Regardless Lucky gets lots of love and attention as I take care of him in his old age.  We continue to play by stalking each other around the house and run after each other when he feels up to it.  He makes me laugh, even when he has had enough and tries to nip at me to let me know he is done playing.

Sometimes I get sad when I see how much he has aged and know that when the time comes that he leaves me, I will deeply mourn my beloved cat.  Until then, I take the best care of him possible and am truly grateful for each day that we have together.