Plant Based Diets

I never thought years ago when I was first diagnosed with a dairy allergy, that someday there would be a huge selection of plant based foods to choose from. There are now so many options to eat healthier foods that are lower in calories, rich in nutrients and are not so destructive on the environment.

After having health issues for years due to developing a dairy allergy, it was a struggle giving up my beloved cheese, but once it was out of my diet, my migraines and asthma healed and I lost weight.  Several people told me they would rather die than go without their cheese, over dramatic for sure, but I found several great substitutes that taste just as good or even better than the cows version.

Years before I started my plant based diet, I met a woman who was almost 100 pounds overweight.  She started making raw foods and meals, and it changed her life.  It was amazing to see her almost a year later as she had lost 100 pounds, her hair and skin were glowing, and she was the happiest she had ever been.  All the positive changes were a result of a single decision to make dietary changes, which affected all other areas of her life including physical and mental health and improved self-esteem.

I’m not suggesting you change your diet, but would encourage anyone to try some plant based foods and see if you notice a change in your energy level, complexion or weight.  You may be surprised at how a plant based diet affects you.  Research indicates that people who add more plant based foods into their daily diet have improved immune systems, a reduced in inflammation, lower cholesterol and stabilized blood sugars.

Even if you are not into plant based foods but are passionate about the environment, look at the impact of factory farming, which is not healthy for animals or people.

One of my favorite new foods is a “hamburger” made out of pea protein and beets.  It looks and tastes as good or even better than any hamburger I have ever eaten. It’s delicious!

Life is a journey and making some changes in food or diet can be a tasty adventure!