Art: The Soul of Life

Thanks to a great friend, I started painting again.  Over the years I focused on my career and followed a different path, but life can sometimes lead us away from our passions and into new territories.  For me, the unfolding of a series of events, led me back to my first love, painting.

In the past, I would paint on huge canvases that I would build and stretch myself, but this time, I decided to work on a tiny scale and made a series of small paintings that measured 4×4 inches.  I thought about what to paint and made the decision to paint a series of trees.  As a nature lover, trees are earthy and grounding, just what I needed during a time of universal chaos, a bit of earthiness and stability, painted in a colorful and whimsical way.

Is there an old passion or love calling out to you to be explored?  I encourage you to go back to a lost love in the areas of art, writing, poetry, ceramics, pottery, knitting, weaving, photography, printing, jewelry making, stained glass or whatever it is that touches your soul.  Maybe there is something new that you have always wanted to try doing?

I had forgotten how much my artwork had created an inner sanctuary away from the chaos of the world.  Painting is a meditative practice, that I had long lost or been separated from.  So grateful that I have returned to what brings me home and touches my soul.