Happy Happy Happy

Almost everyone’s life has changed over the past several months due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t meant we can’t be happy.  Like many others, my life has changed dramatically, not in ways that I would ever choose, but I realized one day that through loss, I was able to focus on other things that make me happy.

When the big picture of your life is made smaller, the details of what makes your life happier come into focus.  What I have discovered is that although I love my work, happiness for me is laughing with my husband, cooking healthy organic foods, and being in nature.  It’s so easy to think of happiness as only in terms of one thing in our lives, but I have found that happiness comes in many ways.  What was taken for granted for or seemed insignificant before, now has huge significance.  Happiness is a state of mind and when life changes, look closely at what or who around you makes you truly happy.  You may be surprised at what you find.