Living Green House

The natural environment has always been a place of healing for me.  Starting in childhood, I spent my days roaming and exploring open fields, small forests and the world around me.  Nature has always been healing for me and a natural place of stress management as I have grown older.

I spend hours in nature each day, taking walks and cycling through the nature reserve. I also take many trips a year to distant lands that are dramatically geographically different than the place I live in.  I love the energy that mountains bring, the serenity and peace that the ocean gives me, and can never get enough of the solitude of the desert.

I currently live in a cold climate and due to the restriction on travel at this time or possibly in the near future, I am seeking a local natural retreat that I can go to when the weather outside is dead and frozen.   I have never been a fan of snow and struggle in the fall when everything starts to die and begins the long transformation to dormancy.  I miss my beautiful flowers, bees and dragonflies and come alive when I travel to a new and warmer environments.

So this summer’s search has resulted in an unexpected find.  At my local university, I discovered a new building with an atrium.  As I was biking past, I stopped to look in the window and saw a waterfall, a royal palm tree, beautiful tropical flowers and plants.  I was so excited to find my winter retreat at a nearby local spot!  Although I still plan on traveling nationally, things are not yet what they used to be and my travel will be limited this year, but at least now I have a tropical sanctuary to help me feel alive when everything around me this winter appears to be dead and lifeless.

If you also struggle with winter blues or miss the great outdoors but can’t get out because of extreme weather or piles of snow, check your local community for a green house, a planetarium, an atrium , art gallery or museum.  So many ways to feel alive when dark winter days set in!