Yoga isn’t for everyone but for those who have tried it, find it a wonderful way to relax and quiet the mind and body.  It is a gentle form of exercise that strengthens, tones and renews the body, mind and spirit.

Tadasana, or mountain pose is something that most people can do.  It may seem deceptive because this is pose is so simple, yet it has a lot of health benefits and also makes you feel grounded, balanced and strong.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved Body Posture: Our body is affected by the way we sit or stand.  Misalignment can affect our mind and ability to think clearly.
  • Helps with Depression: People with rounded back and drooping shoulders are more prone to depression. Their energy flow is misaligned and leaves them feeling sluggish and low.

Tadasana is a simple and easy yoga practice to begin. I would start with 5 minutes a day.  Find a place that makes you feel good such as facing a window or being outside.

Mountain Pose

  • Stand straight, arms alongside your body
  • Spread your toes
  • Balance the crown of your head directly over the center of your pelvis
  • Soften your eyes and focus on being strong like a mountain
  • Focus on slow gentle breaths as you tune into your body and reflect on mountain strength

This short intro to yoga can be a mini session into creating a healthier more balanced you!  Give it try for at least a week and see if it changes your posture or the way you feel.