Marvelous Morels

Not only is it asparagus season, but the morel are up too!

Wild food hunting and harvesting is rather new to me.  I first started going in search of natural foods last year and have to admit that I have become addicted.  It’s like a treasure hunt, as you never know what you will find.

The other day when we were out mushroom hunting, we found two large morel mushrooms.  I know with mushrooms you really have to know your stuff as many can be poisonous.  My husband knows his mushrooms, and over the last year, has turned me into a mushroom connoisseur.  With a large stash of wild asparagus and two morel mushrooms, we headed home and cooked up a feast.  We sautéed the mushrooms in garlic oil and added them to our pasta.

I used to love going to the grocery store to shop for healthy foods before the pandemic, although I still go, it’s not as fun as it used to be, but hunting for wild food in natures grocery store is much better.  Fresh air, sunshine and tasty food right out of the ground.  Yummy!

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