Corona Beauty

During this difficult time of the pandemic, we are forced out of our normal everyday routines and habits as life slows down and comes to a standstill.

Like most, I have some good days and some not so good days.  I have become mindful of things that normally I would be in too much of a hurry to see.  Things that in the past, would seem insignificant.

Yesterday on one of my many daily walks, I came across tiny white and blue flowers near the corner of the road.  The flowers were tiny, yet so beautiful and delicate.  I snapped a photo and thought in the midst of all this life changing pandemic, life continues to flourish.  These tiny flowers were there as a reminder, that our lives will continue to grow and be beautiful, although we may not see it yet, hope is still there.

During this time of job losses, health issues, and death, it’s hard to see anything else, so we have to look even harder to see the beauty that already surrounds us.  Yet, if we look, we will see that beautiful things continue to grow, and like the flowers, we too shall grow despite the pain, the losses, and endings.

Although separated, we too, are the beauty and help each other to grow.

Be in peace.