Big River Crossing

Being an avid hiker and biker, I was thrilled to unexpectedly find Big River Crossing, on my recent trip to Memphis, Tennessee.

Big River Crossing is also the country’s longest active rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge that expands a mile over the Mississippi river and leads you from historic Memphis over the state line into Arkansas.

What’s really cool about this river walk is that there are bikes if you prefer to cycle.  Bicycles and scooters can be rented all over Memphis for a fun adventurous way to explore at only $5.00 for the entire day!  I love the mix of old historic Memphis with a modern twist.

I decided to hike over on foot first which gave me the opportunity to see the Memphis skyline and watch a barge moving containers through the Mississippi Delta.  I then rented a bicycle, downloaded the app, which was easy and efficient, hoped on a bike and cycled over the Mississippi again.

I met some fellow bikers crossing the river, one who said that he had eaten a big meal of Mexican food before he started and said the beans helped him get over the river! LOL