Mushroom Mania

At the local farmer’s market, I found a vendor who sells a huge variety of mushrooms.  Up until recently, I was not a connoisseur.  Then I got introduced the wild wonderful world of mushrooms and since then I have been experimenting with a variety of them.

My husband is an excellent chef and one of our first dates involved hunting for morel mushrooms. We immediately found a couple growing in the forest, which he later sauteed in garlic and oil.  That was the beginning of a love affair with both my husband and the mushrooms.

Over the weekend, I went in search of the mushroom man and was excited to see that not only did he have lion’s mane mushrooms, a new favorite of mine, but he had vibrant orange chanterelles.  I excitedly showed my husband the new find and together we cooked up a feast.

My everyday adventures now include mushrooms adventures.  Life is full of surprises…and mushrooms.




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