When Pets Turn

I have had my cat Lucky for over eight years now.  My son rescued him from near death and I felt it was fate so I adopted him.  Everyone said he was “lucky” to be alive, so “Lucky” became his name.

Lucky and I have been through a lot together.  He has been my companion throughout the years and has loved me unconditionally.  We have traveled around the country together, from the Midwest to southern Florida, then out west to Arizona.  Lucky has been a trouper.

I recently got married and felt guilty that I wasn’t spending as much time with Lucky as I used to.  I also struggled when I had to leave him alone when I went away for days at a time.  After returning from a recent business trip, I was excited to rush home to see him.  We were always big on hellos with lots cuddles and kisses, so when I opened the door and called his name, he came running… not to me, but instead to my husband.  I was speechless.  I had been betrayed.  My cat appeared to be happier seeing my husband of one month than he was to see me.

Oh well, I think in the pet world, we give love, we get love, and sometimes we get replaced…

I still love you Lucky.



  1. the #1 Itinerary · 8 Days Ago

    Great post 🙂


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