Architecture Meets Nature

On a recent road trip to Spring Green, Wisconsin, the home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, I explored The House on the Rock, an amazing design created by Alex Jordan Jr.  According to history, Jordan shared his architectural vision with Wright who scoffed at him saying he wouldn’t trust him to build a “cheese crate or chicken coop,” which led Jordan to build the house on the rock out of anger.

Although the house now has numerous attractions and collections to investigate, I found the original Japanese style house built into the rocks mesmerizing.  Giant metal cooking pots hang in the rock enclosed kitchen and red velvet couches are nestled discretely within dark wooden libraries built into the sandstone rock, making it a haven for those seeking to combine architecture and nature in a way that inspires the mind and nurtures the heart.

One of my favorite places in the house is a walkway that becomes narrower and narrower and eventually comes to a dead end with a bridge to nowhere that leaves you suspended in midair.

With the exception of tourists, the House on the Rock feels magical and restorative and provides an interesting adventure into the world of architecture and nature.  The Japanese style water garden is tranquil and is both a starting point and ending point on the self guided tour.  Local history about Frank Lloyd Wright is fascinating and provides a great day out for a mix of architectural history combined with nature elements.