Humane Cuisine

Does it matter to you where your food comes from? Do you prefer local produce over food that has to be shipped from a distance?  Does the quality of life of the animal you eat matter?

Farmers markets are again popular selling produce that is organic in nature.  Grocery stores give the choice of grass-fed beef and cage free eggs.  People no longer want animals that are pumped full of antibiotics or hormones, yet many people are still unaware of the effects of veal farming.

Having grown up in the Midwest, I have witnessed the impact on baby calves.  Immediately upon birth, they calf is taken away from its mother and placed in a tiny confined shelter where it has no space to move. it suffers a daily life of confinement beyond what any living being should experience.  I struggle to understand how ethically as a nation we can continue to allow inhumane farming practices to continue.  As a caring person who respects and values all living beings, I struggle to understand why anyone would choose to eat an animal that suffered to end up on their plate.  I also question why inhumane animal practices have not been banned in the United States.

I’m not against people eating meat, but I believe that all animals deserve to live the best life possible, to have space to roam, fresh air to breathe and clean natural foods to eat.

I spent 12 years living in England where Mad Cows Disease developed due to cattle and young calves being fed meat and bone meal that contained the remains of other cattle.  I remember watching the news reporting people dying in hospitals and thousands of cows being burned in large bonfires.  The results of tampering with what should have been a cow’s natural diet was catastrophic ending in death of both people and animals.

As a health-conscious person who cares about what you eat, where your food comes from, and what goes in it, please think about the animals and what kind of life they lived when you purchase your meat whether it’s from a grocery store or fast food chain.  Confinement, poor nutrition and trauma result in bad energy, and then the meat is consumed, possibly ending with poor health.

We are what we eat…