The Art of Detachment

I recently had the experience of watching Tibetan Monks create a beautiful mandala out of colored sand.  The Mandala is a symbol of the universe, created in a circular shape to represent universal connection.

After creating the mandala for several days or weeks, the monks mindfully and meticulously wipe the sand away, representing detachment as the lesson.

In life, we are continually faced with letting go, whether it be to a job, a relationship, or an unresolved issue or problem.  By holding on, the Tibetan concept is that we suffer, and suffering causes pain.

Unless practiced, detachment can be a difficult thing to do.  Think of something in your life that you can say goodbye to, let go of, or detach from.  What are you holding onto that is causing you pain, creating suffering or preventing you from truly being happy?

The art of detachment begins with acknowledgment of what is causing suffering, then making the conscious choice to release and let go.  Impermanence is a fact of life.  Today embrace what brings you joy and happiness, as no one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Through the art of detachment, we can free ourselves from unhealthy suffering and be in the present moment, a beautiful lesson from Tibetan teachings.