Funky Flagstaff

On a previous hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, I hung out at the train station in Flagstaff waiting for the shuttle back to Phoenix.  At that time, I didn’t explore the area but on a recent day trip, I discovered that Flagstaff is really a funky fun town.

San Francisco Street is full of unique shops and tasty restaurants with recipes from around the world.  I found a fab tea house that offers both Japanese style seating and a tea bar where I ordered a lavender mint latte with almond milk, a unique healthy option to the usual coffee blends.

Exploring the colorful city, I discovered a sound healing shop where I went on a wild musical ride in a sound chair that has built-in chimes that when played, put me into a deep state of relaxation.  The shop also has a sound healing bed that is specifically built to take you on a sound therapy journey with gongs and giant chimes where you hear and feel and sense every vibration.

Flagstaff has a cool vibe and good energy with street musicians, street art, and upbeat people. The mountains are a skier or snowboarders dream and of course, Sedona and the Grand Canyon are nearby for hiking adventures.

If you are exploring Arizona, you will want to put Flagstaff on your list of places to explore.