Tiny Mountain Living

Tiny living isn’t just a fad, it’s a total life change with less consumption, less materialism, and less waste.  On my quest to reduce the amount of stuff I own, even after downsizing several times, I still feel the heaviness of having too much.

Recognizing my past wastefulness of excessive shopping and collecting of material goods, a growing restlessness stirred within.  I had created a life that I did not intend to live anymore, and still found myself surrounded by mounds of stuff.  It left an emotional heaviness on my soul as I was striving to simplify my life and veer away from modern consumerism.

The other day as I was driving, I passed a tiny mountain home village in my area.  I was both excited and disappointed as I saw this cool tiny home for sale. If the house had been available when I first visited the area in July 2018, I would have purchased it, and could have lived a completely different lifestyle.

A life of materialism is an empty life.  No amount of stuff can fill an empty soul.

For anyone looking, this amazing tiny home is for sale in the White Mountains of Arizona. For the right person, tiny mountain living is waiting!