Cafes, Farms and Whole Foods

A growing trend in the Midwest is a return to healthy living, whole organic foods, and fresh produce.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I consumed dairy products with every meal. When I developed a dairy allergy a few years ago, I struggled to adjust to both a meat and dairy free diet.  Luckily for me, a vegan restaurant opened up in my town where I was able to eat everything on the menu.  Since then I began exploring Wisconsin in search of vegan food and found cities like Madison to be a lively, health-conscious city that offers ethnic cafe’s, organic teas, street musicians and natural essential oils and herbs that are grown and sold locally.

During a recent visit to the Midwest, I found colorful farmer’s markets and natural good-hearted people who not only enjoy healthy whole foods but who also enjoy drinking craft beers and fresh cheese curds straight from the factory.