Dirty Carrots

Anger, we all get afflicted at times, but instead of spreading anger, be creative with it!

John Shuman is a Professional Actor when he is not out climbing mountains or canoeing rivers.  John is a vegetarian who is partial to carrots.  Here is his story:

Carrots  Along  The  Allagash

I recently canoed the Allagash River in very remote Northwest Maine. The area is north of the famed Mt.  Katahdin and it’s northern terminus is quite close to Canada’s New  Brunswick. This was a Sierra Club trip of 10 participants, a leader, and a guide who works as a ranger on the Allagash.

It’s an amazing experience not without lots of challenges. We hit very hot weather which changed with a rainstorm and turned into a cold chill. Bugs of all kinds ruled the roost:  no see ums, horse flies( and do they hurt), black flies and of course mosquitoes. Our Ranger told us we were lucky to have only a mild bug condition. That “mild” was the worst I’ve ever encountered.

Our leader spoke to us of the importance of getting along, working together to make the ex-perience a worthwhile one. This was indeed a key factor,  I broke my tent on the first day and lots of folks pitched in to enable me to get some shelter. Cooking and cleaning of meals was shared.

With no background in preparing dinner for 12, I was beyond my comfort zone but received help.  Then again the others must have realized without help there may just not be a meal that day.

My test came with a bag of carrots. Our busy leader grabbed some carrots out of the bag one evening during hors d’oeuvres and placed the carrots next to my waiting hands.  As she turned away the  bag toppled over and about 14 carrots hit the dirt.  She noticed the fall, turned to me and said , “John- you can pick those up.”  She had assumed that I – who had already broken a tent- had dislodged the bag.

She moved on to other challenges and I had wanted to inform her that it was she- not I- who was responsible.  I have no problem with the assignment but the blame needed to be rectified, and then I realized it didn’t matter and I didn’t want to start a “you did it” argument…Getting along was more important.

So I let sleeping carrots lie.  If only the horseflies slept with them.