The New York Times Cat House

Purposeful Living in A Throw-Away Society

I was drinking a green tea latte in my local cafe last week when I noticed a man reading the New York Times at the next table.  We began chatting and he mentioned that he had just read an interesting article in the newspaper.  I asked if I could read it, so he handed me the paper and I took it home.

Later that evening I began reading The New York Times and noticed that there was another article on mental health in the paper that looked interesting, and after reading it, I became inspired me to write an article myself.  So the newspaper had now severed three purposes.

After completing and submitting my articles, I was about to recycle the newspaper and set it on the floor with my other bags of rubbish, when my cat quickly made a house out of it.  He played in the paper for several days, in fact, I still have the newspaper cat house.  I realized that there were numerous purposes that products can be used for other than their original or single purpose.  My instinct was to throw the paper away (actually recycle it) after I was done reading it, but then it inspired me to be creative, and then it became my cat’s toy.  I’m not sure, but I suspect The New York Times will probably fulfill another purpose before it leaves my home.

Next time you automatically throw something away for the landfill or to the recycling center, ask yourself, what else can this be used for?  There are probably a million reasons to keep it!

By the way, I am not encouraging hoarding here as that is another topic, but only promoting recycling and purposeful living.