Random People

On a recent trip to Death Valley, hiking in heat of over 100 degrees and having survived, I arrived at the visitors center and wanted to take a photo of the outside thermometer. Because Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the USA, several other people were trying to get pictures as well, so I decided to snap this photo of a random family.

When traveling, it’s common to capture people and strangers in our photographs.  I find it interesting to ponder about their lives.  Are they happy?  Are they having fun? Do they like each other?  Did someone force them to go on this trip?  I like having random people in my photos and often wonder how many pictures I have ended up in myself.  Do they wonder about me or my life?

Our lives are often entwined, although we may not even realize it.  In Death Valley for a brief moment, I was witness to a happy family on their journey through the desert, although I didn’t know where they came from or where they were going, our paths crossed briefly, and I was left with memories of my own trip and a photograph of theirs.



  1. megisacat · May 25, 2018

    Hehe I went to antelope island state park about a year ago and a family was taking pictures by the sign and one of them offered to take our picture for us after since we offered for them. When it was our turn their grandma got confused because the mom of the family was holding the camera and she posed with my family. So now we have pictures with a random grandma 🙂


    • karoleeblog · May 25, 2018

      LOL, that’s funny! I love taking photos of random people, sometimes there is a connection and sometimes there isn’t, but I like how you have a random grandmother in your photos and memories now!


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