Nature and Nurture

Using nature to nurture your soul is a powerful way of self-healing.

Sunshine lifts your spirits, the salty ocean cleanses your soul, while the mountains and forests can deeply ground you.

When you’re feeling out of balance, take yourself out into nature.  Research indicates that nature is a natural healer.  In the past, when people were inpatient in hospitals, part of their recovery involved sitting outside on the hospital grounds, surrounded by trees, green grass, water or rolling hills.  Nature has a natural way of healing the body, mind, and spirit.

If you can’t get outside, bring life indoors.  Surround yourself with potted plants or even create a small rock garden, and open the windows.  Sunshine not only provides our bodies with necessary vitamin D, but also alleviates depression symptoms.

Nature also heals through the use of holistic or natural medicines.  In the past, plants were medicine.  Always check with a professional before consuming natural remedies as with any kind of pharmaceutical medication, you have to be careful.

Remember to nurture your body, mind, and spirit, when facing a difficult problem or issue.  We often look to others to nurture us in times of need, but we must always begin with ourselves.  Nurture yourself through nature and feel the power of its healing energies.