Hiking the Hoodoos

The Best of Utah – May 2017

If you’re looking to meet new people, go hiking in beautiful remote places, and have a passion for travel and adventure, I encourage you to experience Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Escalante.

I recently booked a one-week camping trip through Wildland Trekking and joined eight strangers on a trip to beautiful Utah, where we spent our days hiking, exploring exotic landscapes, climbing the worlds largest sandstone canyons, and learning about each other.  I was lucky to find such an interesting and diverse group of people to spend the week with.

What’s great about going on an adventure with a group of strangers is that it’s always an interesting experience.  Together we hiked, laughed, explored, ate our meals outside on top of rock canyons, at the bottom of a waterfall and in a petrified forest.

In the past, I would never have thought about joining a group of strangers on a trip, but after having experienced two hiking and camping trips with strangers, I’m hooked!  There is nothing better than sharing your experience with people who have the same love and passion for adventure and travel that you do!

I’m already planning my next trip and excited to meet the next group of people!  Death Valley or the Great Northwest, here I come!



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  1. Liz Unrath · May 22, 2017

    Wow!! I love the post and the beautiful pictures.

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