The Healing Labynrith

I created the Healing Labyrinth as a sacred place for the community, a place to go when you are in search of spiritual direction, clarity of mind, and peace of heart.

Even in the winter, the path is visible.  Often in our daily lives, we become lost or directionless, but if you continue to seek, you will see that your path is there, although it may be a solitary path or a path where many others have not yet traveled, it is your path alone to walk upon.

Join me, as we walk the labyrinth together and travel through your sacred solo journey in search of meaning, healing, and joy.  Life is to be celebrated in each and every step.



  1. Elizabeth Unrath · March 5, 2017

    I love your healing labynrith blog. It seems to resonate with my life right now.

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    • karoleeblog · March 6, 2017

      Wonderful to hear, I hope you can walk the your own path on the Healing Labyrinth.


  2. Elizabeth Unrath · March 5, 2017

    I love this blog. I also was looking at your jewelry. I love the piece that says faith in every step. Every day I pray for strength and I feel this piece is what I pray for. Can I buy it? I think the jewelry is awesome!

    Liz 🙂


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    • karoleeblog · March 6, 2017

      Yes strength in prayer! I can make a you special jewelry piece just for you. So glad you like it!


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