Marco Island – A Place Where Sea Meets Spirit

Version 2

Do you dream of unspoiled tropical beaches and miles of endless sand and sea?  Hidden amongst modern condominiums and high-rise hotels on Marco Island, Florida, lies a hidden treasure called Tigertail Beach.  Secluded from urban America and detached from life stressors, this beautiful secluded beach is where heaven meets sea.

When you arrive, you can either walk along the vast white sandy beach, or you can cross the lagoon, avoiding condo’s and hotels, wading waist deep through warm salty waters, finding yourself amongst southern Florida’s unique wildlife including; tropical fish, ospreys, egrets, and dolphins.  After you cross the lagoon you walk through a sandy trail that leads you out to the oceanfront, where you can walk and explore three miles of beautiful wild, unspoiled natural beach where you will find yourself one with nature.

I travel to Marco Island every year and spend days walking the beach on Tigertail.  It is a place that rejuvenates my body, mind, and soul.  I walk for hours as I only pass a few other explores along the way.  I swim in the salty warm ocean waters and sit on the sun-blessed crystal sands becoming immersed in the land and sea as I totally forget my worries and cares.

I know most people go to Florida for the big theme parks or for the many popular beaches it offers, but Tigertail Beach is for those who seek to find nature in its rawest and most natural form, and for those who are also seeking a connection within through the power of nature.

Since my first visit, Tigertail has become a part of my soul, a place I return to year after year as part of my personal spiritual pilgrimage, a place where I reconnect, be still, and heal.

Tiger tail is truly a sacred place for the spiritual seeker.