Starbuck’s Star



I know that Starbuck’s gives out stars to customers who have their online app, but I would recommend they give them out to star employees.

I met Jamie at my local Starbuck’s this summer when I started to hang out there writing and drinking matcha green tea frappuccinos.  After only a few visits, Jamie quickly remembered my complicated drink order, 1.5 scoops of matcha, soy milk, and no sweeter or dairy.  I, unfortunately, developed a dairy allergy and caffeine and sugar intolerance over the past few years so I’ve been experimenting with different drinks at Starbuck’s and fell in love with their matcha green tea frappuccinos.

It’s obvious that Jamie is on the right career path as she excels in customer service and has a natural ability to connect with customers.  Jamie said she makes it point of learning what her customers want.  I was impressed when only after a few visits, like magic, she appeared at the counter with my drink in hand, even before I ordered it.  Now that’s great service!

I shared that I had read that Starbuck’s in Japan had a red bean frappucino that I would love to try.  Jamie said she was also a lover of red bean paste and makes her own sweet bean dumplings.  We both expressed our excitement over the possibility that Starbucks may eventually get their red bean paste frappucinos in the USA someday.

Jamie has worked as a Barista at the Stevens Point Starbuck’s for over a year now, and prior to this, worked at a Minnesota’s Starbucks for five years.  Jamie is a student at Arizona State University where she is majoring in Operations Management, through Starbucks free bachelor’s degree program.  She hopes to become a Starbuck’s District Manager some day.  I can clearly see Jamie meeting her goals in the near future, but until then, I will continue to enjoy her outstanding service and my matcha green tea frappucinos.

Thanks, Jamie!