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Jeanette – Cat Sitter Extraordinaire

cat sitter

Jeanette is an extraordinary woman.   By day she is a cat owner, by night she is a cat sitter.  Actually, Jeannette is both a cat owner and a cat sitter during the day and night and comes highly recommended.  If you are looking for someone who is a huge cat lover, gentle, kind, warm and fuzzy, then Jeannette is the perfect person.  We don’t want to leave our beloved pets with just anyone.

Actually, Jeanette is a retired educational assistant who worked in the library for 26 years.  Holding one of her grandson’s favorite books (above), and one of her own, “The Fire Cat”, is a story about a cat named Pickles.  Jeannette decided that when she adopted a beautiful blue-eyed cat eight years ago, that she would name her Miss Pickles after the book.  Miss Pickles quickly became a loved member of the family and is very particular about who she likes.

Jeanette also plants sits and would be happy to take good care of your plants if you go on vacation or take a weekend away.

For more information about Jeanette’s services, please email me directly and I will be happy to forward all information or requests to Jeannette.

Miss Pickles is wondering why this dinosaur is invading her space.