The Heart of Wisconsin

Stevens Point



In the heart of Wisconsin lies an authentic healthy, and friendly community called Stevens Point. You could easily bypass this city while heading up to the Northwoods, but if you decide to stop, you will find a variety of interesting people and places to explore.

For outdoors enthusiasts, you can walk, hike or bike the Green Circle Trail which circles the city for a total of 27 miles.  The trail goes through woodlands, along the river, through city streets, and across marshlands.  Other outdoor activities include kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding.

The farmers market downtown on the “Square” is compatible to any big city market offering a variety of healthy fruits and veggies, freshly made french bread and pastries, street musicians, cooking demonstrations, organically grown food and my favorite, bubble tea.

The Stevens Point Sculpture Park is a fabulous place for art lovers where you can find artwork and sculptures from artists all over the country.  A unique and interesting blend of creativity can be found in the Sculpture Park.  You can also find one of my creations, “The Healing Labyrinth”.  (Separate Post for more information about the Healing Labyrinth).

Emy J’s

KCemy saladEmy 2emy sign 1

There are several great restaurants to satisfy your palate but one of my favorites is Emy J’s, a healthy place with a variety of tastey food focusing on fair trade with locally produced ingredients.  Organic and fair trade coffee is roasted on site.  They specialize in smoothies, coffee drinks and ice cream, which is also made in Wisconsin. Emy J’s is environmentally friendly and uses solar power to cut down on waste. The staff have great attitudes and are very friendly; the place is buzzing with good vibes.

Emy J’s has a healthy variety of food for everyone.  Being vegan, I can always find something to eat as they usually offer one vegan soup daily and have ‘Meatless Monday’s’.

KC (photo above) has been the manager of Emy J’s for six years.  He always has a smile on his face and makes you feel welcome.  I can always tell when people love their jobs, and KC obviously does as his positive, friendly attitude matches the healthy vibrant food.

Next time you’re in Stevens Point, check out Emy J’s, you won’t be disappointed.  Interesting people, healthy food and great energy.  What more can you ask for?

Good food + good friends = Great Experience!



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