Nature’s Kitchen

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Raw Wild Blackberries

Recently I became interested in eating healthier foods, especially after I develop intolerance and allergies to common foods that I have eaten all my life like dairy, sugar and caffeine.  I have started to look at food as energy and immediately feel the difference when I eat something healthy vs unhealthy.

As a Licensed Counselor, I often talk to people about the body/mind connection and explain that when we feed our body poorly, we won’t feel well emotionally or mentally.  Food is nature’s medicine and is often neglected, although recently there seems to be a reawakened interest in going natural again.

I am always seeking adventures and often go in search of them on my bicycle.  Today I traveled the Green Circle Trail finding miles of wild blackberry bushes along the way!  I munched in the bushes as cyclists rode by shouting, “Breakfast!”.  I also picked a lot of berries to make smoothies, gluten free scones and to add into my coconut yogurt.

Food over the recent years has become a passion of mine. I often try to buy organic, but nothing tastes better than eating the berries right off the bush.

Here is my friend John’s recipe from England:

“I use a pot full of blackberries, however much I picked and give them a good wash.  I then add 1 cooking apple, cut into chunks, remove the skin, add in a small spoonful of sugar and cook till simmer.  It will start to smell really good, and then remove from heat. Let the berries and apples cool so the berries have melted a bit.  It’s delicious!”



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