Where Are You Growing?


I recently came across an unexpected sight, as I spotted a plant growing out of the side of an old worn out wagon.  I peered inside to see if it was growing from within, but no, a seed had actually started to sprout and grow in the one of the hardest and smallest of places, where the wood and metal frame met.  Most people probably wouldn’t notice or pay much attention to this plant, but I immediately was struck by the usual place where it had started to grow and several thoughts sprouted in my mind.

How often are we placed in life in usual circumstances or situations?  How often do we find ourselves out of our comfort zone or in a place that we want to escape from?  How often do we find ourselves in unhappy relationships or jobs, but suffer on?  Often, we can find our life circumstances difficult or uncomfortable and at other times truly unbearable, but remember, when we find ourselves in the hardest of places, like the plant growing out of the wagon, this is where we can learn to grow the most, whether it be emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually.

So next time you find your life’s circumstances restricting, remember that your soul planted you there for a reason, and its the opportunity for you to heal or grow.  If you need help, there is always someone available to help you, you don’t have to grow alone.