“Peace in Every Step”


It is at this turbulent time that I truly question what I can do to create more peace in this world. I no longer want to be a spectator in life or someone who solely focuses on themselves and their own needs. I question what can I do, and realize that creating change or peace, has to begin within.  Peace has to start with ourselves and then extend to family, friends, communities and then the world.  We can either live in a world or be a part of it.

The question now is who’s lives matter?  In my opinion all life matters and should be valued regardless of people, animals, plants or environment.  I watch as innocent people lose their lives and others fight and separate themselves and question why, but I already know the answer.  Having worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I understand that people devoid of love and nurturing harm others because they are hurting, they have either lost the ability to understand the effect of their hateful or violent acts on others and how it affects many, or they have never had the ability to have empathy. Although I understand psychologically why people harm or kill, it deeply saddens me and makes me want to bring more peace and kindness into the world.

Someone recently asked me what I was going to do to create more peace in this world.  The answer is, to begin with myself by meditating on peace, praying for peace, doing peaceful and kind acts, become more giving, kind, compassionate, going out of my way to help someone, having positive thoughts, not dwelling on anger or pain, setting a daily intention on being peaceful.  I ask you to join me in my journey to create more peace.  Together, what can we do to create a better world?

Peace is always there, we just have to choose it.  It’s there all the time, like our deep inner guidance, the sunshine on a rainy day, or kindness in a dark world.