Mindful Meals

The people you eat your meals with are just as important as the food you feed your body.  Being mindful of healthy foods is the first step, but being aware of who you are eating your meals with and where you eat, is just as important as the food you put into your body.

It’s during meal time that we can practice mindful eating.  When was the last time you actually tasted, smelled, or enjoyed your food?  We get so busy that its easy to just rush through a meal without even tasting it.

Next time you sit down to eat, look at the food that you are eating, look at the colors and textures, smell the aroma and take mindful bites.  Chew your food slowly and consciously, and finally enjoy the company you are eating with.  Surround yourself with healthy and happy people, as they aid in good digestion.

Eating not only nourishes our bodies, but it nourishes the soul.

Bon appetite!


The Adventures of Gino Jupiter

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The Adventures of Gino Jupiter is a comical journey through outer space involving Gino Jupiter, a stern no-nonsense Captain, and his fickle co-pilot Mr. Scratch, an eccentric ginger cat that has been secretly trained in space exploration.

Together they travel to the moons of Jupiter, encountering all sorts of strange and humorous mishaps along their way.  Gino Jupiter is a Captain with both a goatee and a mission, while his companion Mr. Scratch, does everything he can to annoy his demanding Commander.

The space team encounter aliens, laughing gas, terrorizing toilet paper, and a gang of underpants on their hilarious fun-filled adventures to the moons of Jupiter.

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Keto Coffee

Keto Non Dairy Coffee

Being health conscious, and focusing on non-dairy alternatives, I continue my search for new products. Although I love caffeine but hate withdrawals, I decided to experiment with caffeine free alternatives and created a delicious dairy free, caffeine free, Keto coffee drink.

I simply threw the ingredients into my Vitamix and made this tasty recipe with Keto Pumpkin Spice creamer which can be served as an iced coffee, frappuchino or as a hot latte. Yummy!


1 Cup Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk

1 large tablespoon Roma Kaffree Caffeine Free Coffee (Boil 1 cup water and chill)

1 Cup Ice

I tablespoon Keto Pumpkin Spice Creamer

Simply blend and enjoy!



The Dirty Cloud Maker (Revised)

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The Dirty Cloud Maker is an inspirational story about a troubled character who turns his bad thoughts into dark dirty clouds and sends them out into the universe where they negatively affect others.

Journey with the Dirty Cloud Maker as he transforms his dark and miserable world into a joy-filled, happy life. The Dirty Cloud Maker is a reminder of the power of choices, and how each choice we make either brings us closer to happiness or leads us deeper into despair.

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Brief Exchanges

This photo was taken on Marco Island, one of southern Florida’s most tropical destinations. I was walking along the beach, heading towards a remote part of the island when I came across this guy standing in the ocean with a bucket on his head, and I thought, why not?

The best part of travel, especially solo travel, is meeting a variety of interesting people. Somehow, I have always ended up crossing paths with others who are either exploring their own journeys or like me, love to travel to different parts of the world in hopes of having new adventures. Each location has its own energy, whether it’s in the mountains, desert, urban cities or beach side, and all of the people I have met have inspired me or taught me lessons in kindness, generosity, gratitude and self-exploration.

The interaction with the bucket-head guy, was a humorous brief exchange on my journey which started out as a serious contemplation of my own life as I walked along the beach. This amusing interaction made me think about my own bucket list, the places I want to travel to, the life experiences I want to have, and the things I want to accomplish in my short life on earth.

Life is simply a series of brief moments. Whether we travel in our own cities or communities or travel abroad, our connections with others are what make our lives meaningful, interesting and fun.

What’s on your bucket list?


When Pets Turn

I have had my cat Lucky for over eight years now.  My son rescued him from near death and I felt it was fate so I adopted him.  Everyone said he was “lucky” to be alive, so “Lucky” became his name.

Lucky and I have been through a lot together.  He has been my companion throughout the years and has loved me unconditionally.  We have traveled around the country together, from the Midwest to southern Florida, then out west to Arizona.  Lucky has been a trouper.

I recently got married and felt guilty that I wasn’t spending as much time with Lucky as I used to.  I also struggled when I had to leave him alone when I went away for days at a time.  After returning from a recent business trip, I was excited to rush home to see him.  We were always big on hellos with lots cuddles and kisses, so when I opened the door and called his name, he came running… not to me, but instead to my husband.  I was speechless.  I had been betrayed.  My cat appeared to be happier seeing my husband of one month than he was to see me.

Oh well, I think in the pet world, we give love, we get love, and sometimes we get replaced…

I still love you Lucky.

Desert Cities

On route to the White Mountains, I stopped off in Phoenix to do some exploration.  I knew flying in that temperatures were in excess of 110 degrees.  Being a lover of heat, I thought, no sweat, I can handle this.

I landed at the airport at 10:00pm at night.  Temperatures were still in their 90’s.  Although it was hot, it wasn’t stifling as I had just flown out of high humidity in the Midwest, so I welcomed the dry heat.

I spent the night in a Phoenix hotel and then headed back to the airport and took a flight to the White Mountains where I spent the next three days.  After completing my work assignment, I headed back to the valley where at 8:30am the temperatures were already in the 90’s.   Still wanting to explore Phoenix, and being a nature lover, I headed for the Desert Botanic Gardens.

I took Uber from the airport to the gardens and quickly purchased my ticket as there was no line or huge crowd to fight and began exploring the Sonoran desert.  I later realized that there was a reason why there were no people or crowds there, because the heat was too intense and only those brave or foolish enough would explore the desert in the full heat of summertime.

The gardens were beautiful as I walked the paths and trails to different parts of the park, checking out the variety of plants that grow in the hottest and driest parts of the world.  I saw blooming cactus and nesting Inca doves, and spent time reflecting in the Contemplation Garden.  After about 10 minutes into my journey, I felt the scorching heat radiating down on me.  Unlike the heaviness of the Midwest, the dry heat baked me like a giant furnace and I found myself continually searching for shade along the way.  Although beautiful, I gained a respect and understanding for the desert and life that lived there.  I had always loved the sun, but even in the morning, the Sonoran Desert was a rough reminder of how beautiful and dangerous the desert can be.

As I continued my hike around the garden, I found several drinking fountains and shaded areas along the way.  I stopped often to refill my water bottle.  Because of the heat, I did not explore all of the trails but headed back to the entrance.   Once back, I decided I wanted to get something to eat before I flew back home, but the only open cafe at the time was half way back into the garden and the heat was too intense so I decided not to trek back in.

If your thinking of visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, I would highly recommend it, but unless your a camel and can take extreme heat, I would recommended going at 7:00am when they open or late at night.  It’s defiantly worth visiting as there is no place on earth like the Sonoran Desert.