BrightStar Entrepreneur Hatch Award

Very excited to announce that our new game, Therapy Cubes won the Hatch Entrepreneur Award last night!

I have often been told that I work to hard, but it’s different when you love what you are doing.  Creating has always been my passion whether it is writing, painting or creating games.

I am so excited to share the news about winning the Hatch award, but also excited to help others follow their own passions and reach their dreams!  If you believe, you can succeed!


Tiny Living for Two

Having left a large 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in the mountains of Arizona, I ended up in a tiny two bedroom, one bathroom home in Wisconsin.  I was forced to downsize my belongings considerably, which was both liberating and difficult as some cherished items had to go.

I then met my husband and he moved in with me, and together we began tiny living for two. We learned how to navigate around the tiny kitchen and share a single tiny closet.

Not having enough storage space is a challenge and it forces us to get rid of things we don’t necessary need, but it also helps us to focus on what is important in our lives, spending quality time together, creating and doing outdoor activities and traveling.

Tiny living isn’t for everyone, but for us, its been a fun adventure!

Are you Following your Creative Passions?

Creating is my passion, whether its through food, art, writing, or creating new games!  We recently launched one of our new dice games on Kickstarter.  Also available on Tomorrow River Games.

I would love to hear what your creative passions are.  Another passion of mine is helping people to follow their own creativity and talents.



Do you Search for Purpose and Meaning?

One of my newest books explores people’s search for purpose and meaning in their lives through individual therapy sessions.  You are not alone in your search.

Restless Soul Syndrome is now available on Amazon, Tomorrow River Publishing and Kindle.


Kick Your Butt Greens!

Need a good kick in the butt?  For a fast healthy energy boost, try this organic green smoothie!

Kick Your Butt Greens Recipe:

1 handful of kale, spinach, or any green that you fancy
2 large stalks of celery
1 large carrot
1 apple
1 tablespoon almond butter or any nut butter
1 tablespoon cold pressed coconut oil
Add some water (depending on consistency desired)

Fill your blender and juice up!  You can drink the smoothie throughout the day for a good kick in the butt nutritious energy boost!

Barf & Fart

Barf and Fart is a humorous adventure into the wacky world of a dirty, obnoxious character named Barf and his stinky wiener dog Fart.

Together they cause all sorts of mayhem on their everyday journeys to the local market, nearby beach, and shopping center.

Fart’s bowel problems get them thrown out of public places,while Bart’s bad manners cause people to runaway in horror. Together the odd team will keep you laughing, especially if don’t mind stinky stories that end up with someone getting sick.

Available on Amazon, Kindle and Tomorrow River Publishing! I had so much fun writing this one!